Security and the Future

Burning Man 2019

Welcome to my home page. The picture above is one I took in Black Rock City, one of several important places that has influenced how I see the world. To me it represents people getting together and making meaning. Hacking cool stuff together and sharing it. Humans exploring the boundaries of what's possible, and all the failures and complexities that involves.

I spend a lot of my time thinking about security and the future. Not just cybersecurity, but also security at the level of civilizational systems. What would happen to us if there was a nuclear war? What are the risks and rewards posed by advances in biotechnology and machine learning? I also spend a lot of time thinking about how people work. I'm curious about new and old ways of working together to build good communities, governance systems, and ultimately a thriving and robust civilization.

You'll find a collection of my work here: guides to securing your online accounts and personal devices, write-ups on risks from emerging technologies, book and article reviews, and some information about me. If you're interested in the motivation for my work, and how I think we got here, read this post.

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