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Securing your digital life

Securing your digital life is a pain in the ass. It can be tedious, but it doesn’t have to be hard. It can be made a lot easier with clear instruction and clear protocols. As security researcher and engineer, I’ve gotten a lot of questions from my friends about how they can secure their laptops, phones, and accounts. Eventually, I decided I should write up some guides to personal security, so that my help could scale. You’ll find these writeups here.

Security Checklist

A checklist to securing your accounts. Unique passwords, two factor auth, a password manager, the whole deal.

Setting up 2FA and a Password Manager

Some instructions on two factor authentication (2FA) and password managers. To accompany the checklist.

Using Yubikeys as your Gmail second factor

These days one’s gmail account is the key to many other accounts. It’s worth going the extra mile to secure it. Here I explain how to use yubikeys, little usb keys you keep on your keychain, as your second factor.

Setting up and using Signal Messenger

End to end encryption is the safest method of online communication. Signal is the easiest & most secure platform for normal human use. If you’re not already using PGP, Signal is for you.