Do you want to date Jeffrey Ladish?

Hi there, I’m Jeffrey. Here you’ll find some basics about me, what I’m looking for in a relationship, and some of my writing and photos.

If you’re interested in going on a date sometime, fill out this form or email me at! I’m pretty friendly and I like making new friends, so I encourage you to err on the side of reaching out. 😁

Some basics:

  • ☀️ Completed 31 trips around the sun, and measure 5’11 from head to toe
  • 🌎 I live in Berkeley, CA and like to travel & sometimes work remotely
  • 📈 Looking for a woman interested in a partnership with long-term potential

it's me, Jeffrey Ladish

A little more about me

Other people have described me as playful, earnest, and thoughtful. I’m pretty extroverted and really like spending time with my friends. I like to instigate hangouts and parties and adventures if there’s not enough happening around me. I’m into deep intellectual exploration as well as emotional connection. I prefer to know what’s really going on with someone rather than to play to a social script.

I’m pretty happy to be alive. I love adventure. Roller blading, snowboarding, and climbing are some of my favorite things. I may be a bit of a troublemaker, and enjoy getting into places I’m not supposed to be.

I grew up as a devout Seventh-day Adventist in a big SDA community in Washington state. While I’m not religious anymore, my experience with this community has inspired me to try to figure how to recreate some of the parts I found most meaningful, like group singing nights, church campouts, and the regular mixing between people of different ages and backgrounds.

These days, I spend a lot of time thinking about epistemology and meaning and the future. I’m pretty keen on the rationality project, improving my ability to figure out what’s true in the world and make effective plans. I care about where humanity is headed, and how can we help steer this ship towards a good destination.

My main professional project right now is improving the security of AI systems. I’m on the security team at Anthropic, and thinking a lot about how to mitigate existential risks from AGI (Artificial General Intelligence).

Some things about you

I’m looking for someone who wants to build something intense and amazing together. I think there are different ways we might complement each other. Maybe you’re really into skiing and rollerblading and physical adventure becomes a big part of our relationship. Or maybe that’s not your thing, and I go do that with other friends, but you and I share a passion for far-future strategy and work on ambitious world-scale projects together. Or somethine else entirely.

Here are a few things that might be true of you if we’re a really good match.

😎 You’re agentic. I want to be with someone who challenges me and helps me stay in touch with what’s important. I want to challenge you to live up to your full potential, to stay true to your values and beliefs.

🧠 You’re smart and curious. Partnerships are kind of like hybrid organisms. You develop systems together, think and problem solve together. I want to learn and grow and execute complex logistical feats with you.

🐒 You love life and you love to laugh. I want to have a ridiculous amount of fun with you. We can make clever jokes together, improve new characters and voices, laugh in the face of triumph and tragedy both…

🐣 You’re interested in kids sometime in the next 5-10 years. Having kids + doing ambitious things in the world seems hard, and also totally worth it.

🛼 Some ways I love to move

I love movement and exploration - skiing & snowboarding, roller blading, rock climbing, exploring storm tunnels & abandoned buildings… I also enjoy writing about it from time to time.

🔥 What I’m fighting for

One important thing to know about me is that I’m fighting for a good future for humanity. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and writing about the ways our future might be threatened by new technologies, especially AI. You can see some of my writings on this here. These are already assuming some familiarity with the topic, but they’ll still give a sense of what’s important to me about it even if you’re not super familiar with it:

📖 Stories and aesthetics

⚖️ Integrity

🔍 Truth & Curiosity

❤️ Relationships

  • Nothing here yet, but I’m working on a couple drafts

📸 Some photos of me

bricks and sunlight are great monkey in the canopy love this climbing structure come play rollerskate basketball placeholder image 10 biking on playa party sleeping roller blading at sunset gotta laugh hi from the trees gotta take the step